• First Poetry Collection namely 'Surya-Tanu' published in 1966.
  • Before this 'Saad' Poetry collection (Biography of the Ahmednagar District poets).
  • Editor of 'Vyaspeethavar' lecture collections, 1965.
  • Editor of 'Keeti Hasshal' (Humor) 1969.
  • Edited Marathi Prose Text Book for B.Sc(Agri.) namely 'Vichar Vaibhav' 1972.
  • Edited Marathi Poetry Text Book Namely 'Sareeta' 1972 for B.Sc(Agri).
  • 'Roopika' - Short stories collection, 1974.
  • 'Swapnanche Dukkha' Poetry collection, 1976.
  • 'Pratibimba' Marathi Novel, 1978.
  • 'Swapna Phule Jyotibanche', A Brief history of 12 years of Mahatma Phule Agricultural University. Prefaced by : Yashavantrao Chouvan, Ex-Vice Prime-Minister, India.
  • 'Prem-Geet' Audio Cassettes of Marathi Geet and Gazal, 1982.
  • 'BhavishyaVedha' Book of Marathi Astrology Published in 1987.
  • Was Editor of 'Anand Deep' Hindi fiction Magazine.
  • 'Pankha Maza Bandhalele' mono act Marathi Drama.
  • Was Editor of 'Congress, Independence and Socialism' Book in Marathi.

    Translation :

  • Translated poems of Baba Amte from Marathi to Hindi, which were published in 'Antar-Bharati' magazine.
  • Translation of Marathi poems into English, viz. from Paris with poems published in March 2001.

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